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Veterinarian approved multispecies products that promote the health and wellness of animals

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The RSG Performance Products are easy to use and proven to help promote the health and wellness of animals.

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RSG Prime

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This is a direct-fed microbial product that includes naturally occurring live microbes. Simple and easy to use liquid product with diverse use capabilities. RSG Prime can be used as a preventive tool in medicator systems or as a treatment drench to promote gut flora health.

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RSG Guardian

powered by Bio S.I.

This product is designed to be used in stalls, kennels, showbarns, aviaries, or anywhere animals are housed. RSG Guardian is a soil-derived liquid product that contains microbes and metabolites that naturally break down the proteins, salts, and other materials found in urine and fecal matter that cause unpleasant odors such as ammonia. By competitive exclusion, RSG Guardian reduces the pathogen load in the environments it is applied to.

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RSG Performance+

RSG Performance+ is a high-performance blend of essential trace minerals formulated with cutting-edge nutrition that is targeted on improving reproduction, animal health and appearance. Fueled by Zinpro Performance Minerals, this top-dress is built for the high performing show stock and equine. The superior bioavailability and improved absorption delivers the true care your animals need to perform at their best.



RSG Guardian contains a proprietary blend of several Bacillus species. Bacillus species are gram positive bacteria, form endospores in the environment, and are resistant to radiation, desiccation, high temperatures, chemical disinfectants, and nutrient stress. This makes it an excellent choice for all animal housing environments.

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Scales Farms

Scales Farms, of Barbeau, MI, used RSG Prime to turn around a very sick donor ewe. After trying numerous treatments the ewe had continued to decline in health. Following just a few days of drenching she began to eat again. She is now fully healthy and ready to flush for more embryos.

Jacobs Farms

Jacobs Farms, of Indiana, had an older donor Boer goat doe that was failing in health. After just a few days of drenching with RSG Prime she improved rapidly and is now healthy again to do more embryo transfer work.