Laurel Christopher

Laurel Christopher struggled with keeping her show ewe on feed all summer. Once she began using RSG Prime the ewe stayed on feed consistently and went on to win the Georgia State Fair Breeding Ewe Show in 2024.

Scales Farms

Scales Farms, of Barbeau, MI, used RSG Prime to turn around a very sick donor ewe. After trying numerous treatments the ewe had continued to decline in health. Following just a few days of drenching she began to eat again. She is now fully healthy and ready to flush for more embryos.

Jacobs Farms

Jacobs Farms, of Indiana, had an older donor Boer goat doe that was failing in health. After just a few days of drenching with RSG Prime she improved rapidly and is now healthy again to do more embryo transfer work.

Smith Family Farms

Smith Family Farms, of Pendleton, IN, used RSG Performance Plus to improve hair growth on their show cattle string. In 2023 they had the National Champion Shorthorn Female of the Year and Supreme Heifer at the Indiana State Fair.

Hobbs Show Lambs

Hobs Show Lambs, of Newton, KS, uses RSG Guardian to protect their facilities. Prior to an Embryo Transfer or LAI day for Sheep and Goats they treat their facilities to protect their environment. This has helped reduce health issues and provide more biosecurity from outside animals being brought in for procedures.